EU-BEGP participation in the booth of the Delegation of the European Union to Bolivia at the National Climate Crisis Congress in La Paz

Abstract: Dissemination activity to promote the Erasmus+ Programme and the EU-BEGP Project in the National Cimate Crisis Congress held in La Paz, Bolivia (03-05 May 2023). EU-BEGP partners from Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA) and Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB) had the opportunity to disseminate information about the project, including the programs and course, digital learning material, challenges, and remote laboratories that will be developed during the project duration.

Presenter: Luis Lopez (UMSA), Alex Villazón (UPB), and Omar Ormachea (UPB)

Conference: National Climate Crisis Congress (Congreso Nacional Crisis Clim√°tica)

Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Date: 03-05 May 2023

Modernizing collaborative digital education in emerging regions with active learning methodologies

Abstract: Collaborative development of digital learning ma- terials in emerging regions often hinders their widespread adoption due to resource constraints, limited infrastructure, skills gaps, lack of training for educators, and cultural or linguistic diversity. To overcome these limitations, we applied a collaborative development of digital learning materials, applying active learning methodologies such as the flipped-classroom perspective, challenge-based learning, and the use of remote laboratories. Educators from different regions around the world co-create learning modules that can later be reused, adapted, or translated for implementing various courses and programs. Before publication, all learning materials are peer-reviewed to ensure high quality. Several postgraduate programs in Energy are under development in different emerging regions, following an innovative educational approach. More than 43 universities collaborate across 21 countries on 4 continents with the support of 5 Erasmus+ Projects of the European Commission, aiming towards a global network of educators to modernize collaborative digital education.

Presenter: Alex Villazón

Conference: IEEE World Engineering Education Conference – EDUNINE 2024

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Date: 10-13 March 2024


All of these publications belongs to the EU-BEGP project (101081473)